Are you interested in opening and operating a Movita Juice Bar?

We have some license opportunities designed for you to capitalize on the winning concept of Movita Juice Bar.

What a licensee gets:

  • Right to use MOVITA concept
  • Guidance on opening, operating and supervising the juice bar
  • Rights to use all MOVITA recipes and trade secrets
  • Rights to use MOVITA support systems (web, email, manuals, etc.)
  • Coordinated advertising
  • Continuous concept improvement
  • Training and development for staff and management
  • Exclusivity in predetermined areas
  • Right of first refusal option for further opportunities
  • And more…

The investment:

  • Cost of concept license: $30k
  • License fee: 6% of gross sales
  • Advertising contribution: 2%
  • Training, development, and project management fees
  • Estimated cost of opening: $250K – $350K depending on location


If you are interested in opening a Movita Juice Bar, we can definitely discuss details of collaboration.