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4 Tips To A Fun Exercise Routine As A Family

Tip #1: Consider Your Interests

If you have a child who is firmly against playing basketball, then trying to form a family basketball team is probably not in the cards for you. Save your energy and skip that battle, looking instead for something that everyone might enjoy. Brainstorm ideas as a family, writing out each contribution, and then narrow the list from there.

Tip #2: Mix it Up

Don’t let your routine become a rut. There are lots of fun things to do together, so be sure to mix up your plans once in a while. These can be tiny changes, like switching from sit-ups to planks once a week, or you can do something completely different every once in a while. Be sure to keep it fresh and check in with the rest of your family to make sure that everyone is still having fun.

Tip #3: Take a Break

Every once in a while, you will need to skip a workout. Perhaps someone in your family is under the weather, at an after-school activity, or needs to study for an exam. Go ahead and take a break. If these breaks start to be called for too frequently, then you might need to rework your routine/expectations.

Tip #4: Stay Committed

It’s important to stay committed to your new routine or every excuse will become a reason to skip a workout. If the fun of your games and programs isn’t reward enough, consider setting up a reward system for each workout. For example, set up a picture of a mountain and “climbing” it, marking the miles we’ve ridden on our bikes on a picture of the mountain’s face. Once you’ve ridden enough miles to have gone the equivalent of the height of the mountain, get a new bike accessory. Play around and figure out what works best for your family.

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