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Earth Day

Earth Day is a great time to reflect on all the ways that our planet takes care of us and what we can do to better preserve its resources for future generations. From the soil that nourishes the food we eat to the water and air that give us life, we have so much thank Mother Earth for. 

We can take this time to start teaching our kids about the importance of caring for our planet. Kids learn best when they see others modeling positive behaviors around them. Celebrate Earth Day with fun activities that raise awareness for the environment. Start showing kids how to get back in touch with nature and give back in ways that benefit the natural world and all of its inhabitants.

Here are some ways we can get kids to become more aware while exploring and conserving our planet.

  • Walking or biking to school, or anywhere in general, will teach kids about reducing emissions and minimizing their carbon footprint. Kids will not only get fresh air and exercise but they will also do their part to make a difference to combat climate change.
  • Recycling is a great way to give used materials another life and reduce waste.
  • Make a pledge to do a few small things each day to make the environment a healthier place, like finding an effective way to reuse materials, conserve energy and more.
  • Teach kids to grow something reuse old paper egg cartons or a shoe box to plant a seedling, their favorite flowers, or even a small spice or vegetable garden. This shows kids how we rely on the environment to nourish us.

Earth Day isn’t just one day out of the year. We should always keep our planet in mind and do what we can to preserve the world we live in.

Movita Juice Bar does its part in contributing to living more sustainably by using eco-friendly cups, straws, spoons and bags.

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