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Lessons from the Olympics

Here are some amazing lessons form gold medal winners the winter Olympics brought us that might motivate your own wellness path.

The first was from a snowboarder Kelly Clark’s sports psychologist coach. Not everyone has the financing to afford a sport psychologist coach, so it is very lucky to hear and learn this lesson. The TV anchor was asking her how she stays motivated and how she deals with the pressure. The answer was simple. Her coach gave her two words, “I am.” This simply means to stop looking at what everyone else is doing or telling you to do and focus on yourself and who you are and where you want to go. But the coach did not stop there. The coach told her to set a high goal and work very hard to get there.

And this leads to the second lesson. If you read the story about the German figure skating couple’s team you will see that their path to gold was anything but easy. They both went through multiple partners over decades and the man had to learn German and pass a really hard citizenship test. Most of the athletes have the most amazing stories about how hard they had to work over years. Adam Rippon, the USA figure skater, is another example. He was willing to sleep in his coach’s basement and eat apples because he had no money. He also failed getting on the team the first time around and worked another four years. That is eight years of really hard work. With that kind of work ethic he is already a winner.

When you see someone win the gold, google their story. I bet you will be surprised at the mountain they climbed just for the privilege to compete!

No matter your own goal or wish, write it down. Then be honest with how much work you have to do or what you have to change to get there! And remember the lesson of, “I am.”

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