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Motivation: What Fills You?

Twenty-four hours ago, I was pretty sure my flowers were dead. The pretty yellow petals had turned brownish and they curled downward lifeless. The plant was dry and brittle. Forgotten about for an entire week. With no sunshine, no water, no love, no food, it withered away. Thought about tossing it in the trash, and giving up on it. Thought my neglect had pushed it too far over the edge to come back to a full life.

I decided it was too beautiful not to give it one last hope at life. So I watered it and sat it by a window. In just one day the entire plant changed. It’s petals turned upwards, it’s pretty yellow and orange colors revived, and it’s stalks strong and healthy. It only took a tiny bit of care and energy to bring this plant back to life.

Isn’t this true for our own lives too? How many of us suffer with the feeling of wilting away piece by piece, overwhelmed and sucked dry, tired and weak? How many of us feel sad and depressed and anxious and a bit like a piece of us dying inside? How many of us have decided it’s too late, “I’m too far gone, I need to toss myself out, I’ll never be as beautiful and whole as I once was?”

Have you ever felt like that? I know many of us have.

The lesson is, just like my plant, all we need to keep feeling alive and healthy and full is to give ourselves a little bit of time and energy, care and love. We have to feed ourselves- mind, body, soul. We have to make self-care a priority. We have to believe that who we are is worth the energy. The key to this is to keep it simple and doable. A few minutes of prayer and meditation in the morning, paying attention to what you feed yourself, and yoga a few times a week for the mind and body can go very far.

It will be life changing.

Just a few years ago I didn’t feel like I could ever be the person I once was. Today I’m stronger, healthier, and more alive than I’ve ever been. It takes giving ourselves the time each day to nurture who we are. This is true for you too.  

I plead with you to find time for YOU. Find your thing that gives you life. Find what you need to keep yourself healthy and do it- EVERY DAY. If you feel like my plant, know that it took just a cup of water to revive it. Just one cup. Give yourself a cup, fill it up each day, pour it into yourself, and allow your soul the chance to stay full, strong, and beautiful inside and out. You are worth it.

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