Our Story…

Movita Juice Bar was founded by two business partners.

For one partner, a life-threatening cancer diagnosis of his child became a life changing wake-up call. The family was experiencing a difficult and painful period in their lives.

Today, the family is a family of a “child cancer survivor” and they are thankful to God, and they give thanks by giving back to our communities.

It was during the child’s medical treatment, that the two business founders joined in their mission to better educate themselves and their families for healthier eating habits.

They headed down a path of many questions –

Why wait for illness to occur to change our eating habits? Wouldn’t life be better if we avoided illness by creating healthier eating habits and not wait until we are ill?

These questions and many others followed these gentlemen for days, weeks, months to follow – This learning and healthy life practice became their mission.

Their mission became our company mission of providing healthier eating alternatives.

By eating healthier we can avoid many health problems and live happier and more fulfilled lives. To achieve this, it’s necessary that healthy options are no longer be a luxury. That’s is where Movita comes in. Movita Juice Bar will serve only good stuff so that you can live longer, healthier and happier lives…. At an affordable price.

Simply put Movita = More Life!

Our mission: We promise to provide a full array of the best options for healthy and tasty natural fresh fruit creations for consumers
who demand healthy lifestyles via concepts of superior quality, welcoming ambiances, and top‐quality customer service

We care: we regularly help, donate and assist cancer programs and patients as part of our growth motivation.

We Donate!

Since the inception of the Movita Juice Bar, we wanted to be a great company for society, a great employer, and socially responsible for causes that matter.

Movita Juice Bar is committed to doing our part in the communities in which we do business by designating a percentage of our proceeds to organizations and individuals that align or work directly with our charitable values.

Our mission, “WE DONATE” applies to help a cause that matters a lot to us; The cure, prevention and treatment of Cancer. We wish we could help every cause, but realistically we understand it is not practical or efficient.

Reach out to us to see if we can help

Only good stuff...

Whenever possible, we support:



Ugly but

Although it is not always possible to be 100% organic due to seasonality and price hikes, we do everything we can to get as much organics as possible at the best value to you.

Locally grown is important as it assures more freshness, trustworthiness, and help for your communities. For instance, potatoes grown in other countries may contain retardants or could be harvested “when not fully ripened” so they can last longer.!

Why let all that good stuff go to waste? Did you know that a lot of perfectly delicious produce goes to waste based solely on appearance? We love ‘em extra curves and wrinkles; blends the same, tastes great, and is Eco-friendly!