Juice Box

Juice Box

What is the Juice Box?

12 juices of 12 oz ach

Pick up to 4 juice selections from menu. Your friends, family, teammates, or coworkers will love it!

  • Made to order
  • Convenient
  • Easy to carry

We do it right

Why not bottled?

The majority of bottled juices must go through some type of pasteurization, which kills all living organisms in the juice in order to prolong shelf life. This process also destroys or debilitates the enzymes.

Why not frozen?

Frozen fruits and vegetables do not have all the valuable nutrients because the enzymes and nutrients are drastically debilitated by freezing temperatures.

Why not Canned?

Chemicals are added as preservatives and then are usually subjected to very high temperatures, which kill all living organisms. The problem is the enzymes are destroyed during this process, leaving only a chemical residue.

Only good stuff...

Whenever possible, we support:



Ugly but

Although it is not always possible to be 100% organic due to seasonality and price hikes, we do everything we can to get as much organics as possible at the best value to you.

Locally grown is important as it assures more freshness, trustworthiness, and help for your communities. For instance, potatoes grown in other countries may contain retardants or could be harvested “when not fully ripened” so they can last longer.!

Why let all that good stuff go to waste? Did you know that a lot of perfectly delicious produce goes to waste based solely on appearance? We love ‘em extra curves and wrinkles; blends the same, tastes great, and is Eco-friendly!