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Thanks Living Holiday Fun

For many, planning for the holidays started when holiday decorations were up in the malls way before Halloween candy was bought. Thanksgiving may look different for many families this year. Less traveling and fewer large gatherings may result in more turkeys and meals being cooked at home. Still take time to think about the many gifts you and your family can share together and with proper planning, your community. Make this season special by thanks living for the holidays.

• Help your children make coupon books of chores they’ll provide for someone they love. Wrap them up and share them as gifts.
• Pick a day for gift wrapping and make it a family social event.
• Contact a social services agency to adopt a family in need. Have a family shopping outing to choose clothes, toys and household items. Or have your child pick another child their age from a Christmas angel tree from local organizations.
• Buy several different varieties of dried beans and arrange in containers in a line on the counter top. With a ribbon, tie a bean soup recipe on the lid.
• Teach your children about the environment. Recycle old holiday greeting cards by cutting the fronts from old cards and pasting on construction paper that is folded to card size.
• Contact your church or a local service organization and ask how you can still share your time and talents with someone in need.
• Plan a family evening on the town from the safety of your car. Tour neighborhoods for outdoor decorations and finish up with hot cocoa.
• Make reindeer decorations for your Christmas tree. Glue small hobby shop eyes on candy canes and make antlers from pipe cleaners
• Write a holiday check your favorite health organization for disease prevention research. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas or Thanksgiving, make this season special by thanks living for the holidays.

Have a happy and safe holiday.

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