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2023: Trends and Predictions

As we roll out of 2022 and into 2023, there are a few trends to note for helping everyone achieve optimal health.

1. The cost of food is up about 7%, a reflection of an economy experiencing inflation due to supply chain challenges and energy costs. 

2. Spending on food prepared at home is rising. Money spent on eating out is rising again as the pandemic lifts.

3. TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, worldwide use of social media is growing each year. Everyone will continue to get news, dietary advice, dinner prep ideas, and more from their social feeds. You have to be there!

4. There are over 120 million viewers on the Food Channel, and Food 52 has over 3.5 million followers on Instagram. Half of all adults watch cooking shows (Google). It is now easier than ever to learn to cook, plus a whole new world of food preparation is evolving. Everyone has the chance to publish ideas and view the ideas of social influencers. It can be helpful to use these references or keep an eye on them for fun trends. 

5. While programs like DoorDash, Grubhub, and UberEats are growing, so is the app called Instacart. Instacart employs over 600,000 people, and 12% of the population uses it. Instacart makes it easy to research food by price and nutrition facts label, and groceries can appear within the hour. Instacart can make an excellent tool for teaching the use of budgeting, reading food labels, meal planning, and taking advantage of seasonal local foods.

6. Plant-based food sales are exploding. While plant-based foods are often better for health and the planet, this is not always the case. This new trend presents the need to be aware of saturated fat and ultra-processed foods in the plant-based category.

7. The US population is aging. According to Census reports in 2030 the number of older adults will increase from 15% to 20%. Life expectancy is also predicted to rise. The message about quality golden years is now more relevant. 

8. The frozen foods category is continuing to expand. People want convenience, flavor, and speed. It is crucial to guide everyone on choosing the best meals for value and nutrition facts. 

9. The meal kit service is continuing to grow and evolve. Meal kits are perfect for people who do not have the time or expertise to plan their meals. This includes parents, busy young career people, and older people with health conditions. It is essential to know what meal kits are available to your population. 

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